How does your firm work with prospective candidates?

Each search requires a specific skill-set and list of credentials.  If your background matches any of our search criteria, you will be contacted.

I'm moving to Orlando.  Can you help with my job search?

Our recruiters work internationally within industry specialty areas.  If your experience is not specific to one of those areas, it is unlikely that we will be able to assist you with your job search.

Who pays your fee?

Our fees are paid by clients that engage us to fill open positions.

I have just graduated and entering the job market.  Can you help me?

Our expertise is in placing candidates with an established job history.  It is rare that we are able to assist recent graduates without such a background.

I am sending my resume to you, how soon should I expect to hear from one of your representatives?

We will contact you only if and when we have a job assignment that matches your background and skills.

What do you do with my resume?

Your resume is filed in our secure database for safekeeping and not sent to any clients without first obtaining your approval. 

How should I send my resume to you?

Resumes are best received electronically.  Our e-mail address is

What can I do as a candidate aggressively looking in the job market to make myself more visible?

Networking is critical when seeking out new career opportunities.  Stay in contact with your industry champions, former co-workers, trusted advisors and industry specific recruiters.

What can I do to as a passive candidate to keep my options open but maintain confidentiality? 

Keeping an ‘ear to the ground’ never hurt anyone.  Remain open to leads from your trusted peers and inquiries from specialized recruiters.

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